This is the place I'm supposed to tell about my formal education, shows and exhibitions, and my "artist statement". Blah.  I doesn't really matter.  Its like a chef telling his guest what store he bought the ingredients from or who else he has worked for, as if it's going to enhance your taste buds and make the entree better. There is no way around that fact that each piece of art has to stand alone, just like we as individual beings also do. Naked, without any tags, labels or links.  I sometimes don't even want to title my works, so as to leave the viewer more room to use their own imagination.

I refuse to write about my art as if I have reached an understanding of what it is I am doing with it either. Looking at them now, I feel like they are all experiments of one kind or another; exploring techniques, various mediums, ideas, concepts and visions.  It feels as if I have just begun.  While only a couple years old, the paintings on here feel as if they are a very old, but very special shoe I once wore.  They are a visual map of another me that I once was. 

Currently I have found myself exploring graphite, ink, and colored pencil again.  Everything comes back around, and I find this refreshing and meditative. My time has also been spent working on a very short collaborative video project call "Tengudo", inspired by the far eastern mythological creature Tengu, which will be uploaded when the technical bugs have been worked out.  Last year, I journeyed to Peru for three months and am planning on returning this fall to spend more time in the Amazon. 

I continue to work with "overtly special" people in what is currently my home in Northern Arizona, who bring me great joy, laughter and many life lessons.  I will continue to explore the world of mind, heart, spirit and body, and find the courage to be a fully self-expressive being.


sky mantis